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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Beard (Part 2) - Communication

All day I've been thinking about COMMUNICATION.
I love the idea of coming to conclusions, having ideas, provoking thoughts purely from experiences.
There is a power in reading books, especially motivational/self-education ones, however real power is found when you see, feel, experience and touch the situation, deriving some form of learning from it.
EVERYONE has 100's of those situations EVERY week, in most case they're just mundane everyday happenings - BUT there is, if you pay enough attention, so much learning to be had from these normal, everyday situations.
My most recent example is yesterday's barman (who incidentally at 31, cannot grow facial hair!!).
The positive I derived from that is the HUGE importance of remembering something about someone, I was so impressed he remembered my drink, that I will most certainly frequent that bar again, that won me over.
What about remembering a name, how wonderful does that feel that someone remembers your name - TRY IT - remember the names of your Customers, your colleagues, use their names, almost like making a point. When you make someone feel important with such a simple gesture - They in return WILL remember YOU.
In business this simple action is VITAL - it can create custom, loyalty and even better than that, it creates the feel-good factor.

On the other hand (as difficult as it can be), think carefully, especially when addressing & communicating with strangers about what you're saying. Unfortunately, all those brilliant things such as friendliness, custom, loyalty and Feel-good factor are destroyed as easily as they're created and it's an uphill struggle trying to dig yourself out of a hole with someone, you've offended or made feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Trust me, I'm the first to have my foot in my mouth - last night I commented on someones apparent weight-loss and then followed with the killer line 'not like you were fat before' - in other words I instantly high-lighted that fact. Which I then followed with 'I mean you look slimmer than you did, you don't need to loose any weight, you've already lost enough, you're looking great'
Don't worry I kicked myself and wished I'd kept my fat gob shut!!!!!!
SOMETIMES it's best to say nothing at all.


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